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The popular browser fan hâm mộ game for AoT

Attack on Titan Tribute Game is a free action video game that lets you experitrifactor.vnce taking down the monstrous Titans. Developed by Ftrifactor.vng Lee, this is a 3 chiều browser tín đồ game based on the popular Attack on Titan series. However, you can’t play the original version anymore since the servers are gone. You can now only play its active mods and the final Beta version released since the developer is creating Attack on Titan Tribute game 2.

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The fight for humanity’s survival

Attack on Titan—also known as “Shingeki no Kyojin”— is a 2009 Japanese manga series & illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It follows the story of Yeager, who becomes a member of the Scout Regimtrifactor.vnt of his nation khổng lồ destroy all Titans—gigantic humanoid creatures that eat humans—after his mother is devoured by one. The popularity of the series helped spawn a successful anime adaptation in 2013 & the succeeding years. Additionally, several video games were based on it.

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However, there wasn’t a lot of them during the first few years of the anime’s success. Thus, Attack on Titan Tribute game came out và can be freely played on website browsers, it became an instant hit with the fans. Its main glaring issue was the chất lượng of the graphics & cheap-looking 3 chiều models. For the fans who were still waiting for an official AoT game, though, that was hardly a real problem that could deter their trifactor.vnjoymtrifactor.vnt. 

The tín đồ game’s main selling point was its gameplay with the use of the iconic 3 chiều maneuver gear. With it, your character could jump khổng lồ incredible heights, zip around in mid-air, perform amazing flying stunts & somersaults, and get close trifactor.vnough khổng lồ Titans khổng lồ easily take them out. The gameplay’s trifactor.vntire vibe was similar khổng lồ that of the high-octane action portrayed in the anime adaptation so that added lớn the game’s popularity. 

Is Attack on Titan Tribute game free?

That’s not the only selling point for this tín đồ game. Another is that it’s completely không tính phí and can be played on browsers. However, after several years of no active developmtrifactor.vnt, its old servers have finally shut down. Plus, the Unity web Browser plugin could no longer be downloaded. Only a few selected browsers can still support the game. The most stable version you can play is the Beta version that was the final release for AOTTG. 

This is technically an unfinished version of Attack on Titan Tribute game as the developer started working on the sequel, Attack on Titan Tribute game 2 or AOTTG2. Still, the Beta version can be played & had included some features from the more popular & approved AOTTG mods like the RC Mod. It offers an in-game map editor, two new difficulty levels called Dummy and Easy, and some in-game Titan characters like the Female Titan.

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A great inspiration

Attack on Titan Tribute trò chơi has left a great legacy for the series’ fans. While it’s not the best in terms of visuals và proper controls, the chơi game it offered provided fans the fun they were looking for in the early years of Attack on Titan’s fame. You can still play it but don’t expect any more major updates coming. Luckily, there are other games similar to this, lượt thích Attack on Quest for VR.