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Last summer, autobattlers became all the rage. The popular Dota 2 mod, Dota Auto Chess, was taking over the Dota landscape & introduced the world to lớn the “autobattler” genre. After that, both Valve và Riot Games announced their own autobattlers, while the original Auto lớn Chess moved on khổng lồ become an Epic exclusive sầu title.

At E3, Chinese developer Drovì Studio announced the partnership with Epic to create the standalone version of Aukhổng lồ Chess. Since Dota Aulớn Chess used Dota 2’s characters, skins, and assets, Drodo’s version had lớn be built from the ground up using the original as a concept.

The standalone Auto lớn Chess arrived first on Smartphone last April, and then came out on Windows PC in July. Dota Underlords & Teamfight Tactics arrived at around the same time with slightly different rules, but Auto Chess remained the top autobattler game--especially in Trung Quốc, where thiết bị di động gaming is king.

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Along with being the most played autobattler, Aulớn Chess is now being recognized by Google for being the game that started it all. In a tweet on Wednesday, Drovì chưng announced that Google had awarded them the 2019 Best Innovative sầu trò chơi trophy.

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"When we found out that we had been nominated as a candidate for the Google Play 2019 trò chơi Awards, our hearts were full of excitement & emotion," Drobởi said in a statement. "We were super excited lớn be shortlisted for this global and authoritative sầu award, & have sầu our achievements recognized by the public.

“We have always dreamed of making a great game, a high-unique và fun game that can be recognized by the public. We have worked hard in order to lớn make these dreams come true. We know that there are still some flaws with Auto Chess, but we strongly believe that we can always use our passion and diligence lớn continue making the game better and better.”

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Auto Chess has come a long way in a very short amount of time. A nascent esports scene has already leaped up around Auto lớn Chess, with the first invitational tournament already happening last August. The GLL Auto lớn Chess Invitational wrapped up earlier in October with a prize pool of $1,000,000.

Source: Drobởi Studios

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