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a particular anxiety or unconscious fear that a person has, especially as a result of an unpleasant experience that they have sầu had in the past or because they have sầu a low opinion of their own worth:
Since a & are complex, the problem consists of eight ordinary differential equations subject to eight shoông xã và two boundary conditions in the equilibrium zone.
During the 1960s it became a petrochemical complex, & by the 1980s environmental monitoring revealed high levels of organic contamination in the groundwater.
These are now seen khổng lồ be only a small element of a complex system driven by concerns other than the purely cognitive sầu.
Personhood is the complex of physical, spiritual, psychological và social aspects that biến hóa an individual life.
It is not clear how dynamical systems serve as a psychological explanation as opposed khổng lồ a complex mô tả tìm kiếm of behavior.
The government, however, has a strong steering role with complex regulations affecting virtually every aspect of the health system.
The regulations for coverage of nonexcluded medical sida are complex và therefore are only briefly described.
It appears that endogenous and/or exogenous serotonin in preimplantation embryos could be involved in complex autocrine/paracrine regulations of embryo development và embryo-maternal interactions.
The authors argue that the olfactory-hippocampal-dorsal cortex circuit was needed to create complex olfactory-based representations of space.
This makes it difficult to lớn implement the idea that associations apply to increasingly complex representations.
According to lớn this hypothesis, neither random errors nor morphologically and syntactically more complex structures would be expected.
We did not attempt lớn estimate the spatiotemporal structure of the receptive fields of complex cells.
The final chapter gives an inspiring overview of the complex problems surrounding market & non-market economic organisation.
This conflicting opinion, together with complex cultural and socioeconomic issues surrounding wetlands, has given rise khổng lồ a plethora of views on how lớn develop wetlands.
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In 2005, a new three story athletic complex was completed which contains an indoor practice field, weight room, & locker room, & coach offices.
The store includes fashion boutiques, jewellery shops, speciality lifestyle stores, a bowling alley & a cinema complex.

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It also makes it trivially easy for pattern matching rules to skip over an entire complex token with a single token wild-card pattern element.
These examples are from corpora & from sources on the website. Any opinions in the examples vị not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.

in tennis or volleyball, a powerful downward hit that sends the ball forcefully over the net

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