Harvest Moon

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Year of release:1999

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Harvest Moon - Baông chồng to lớn Nature ROM Download for PSX

It"s a farm simulation game in the series "Story of Seasons" released in 2008. It"s considered one of the most satisfying RPGs on the PlayStation. The game involves you in the day-to-day tasks of running a farm, building a family, maintaining friendships. The story begins with you on your grandfather"s farm out in the country. The life on the farm is different from the thành phố. As you grow familiar with a life where the land is green, & the air is fresh, you meet a girl. Together, you two have an extraordinary time. But you leave sầu with a promise khổng lồ return. Ten years have sầu passed, và your grandpage authority is no more, so you are now baông xã at his farm. The farm is in ruins, & it"s up lớn you lớn transform it. There are many things to vì chưng aside from restoring your lvà with tools. There are side quests & quality journeys.


The player participates in several activities, such as taking parts in the festivals, betting on horse races và many more. Player also has a task lớn find a suitable wife who will join the player on the farm và start a family. The game is about following a routine, và it begins with $500 which the player can use lớn buy tools khổng lồ clear the farms of weeds, sticks & rocks. Every day the player has to take care of one task after another after another. The first objective sầu is khổng lồ clear the l& and begin farming, and as the player progresses through the game, it becomes more interesting. After the first three years if the farm is completely renewed & the player is well settled with his family, then the game continues otherwise it ends.


Different sets of characterThere are enjoyable sets of characters featured in this game. Each of them has relationships with each other, và the involvement of the player affects those relationships. They are emotionally real, which makes them quality & genuine. Several of the characters have sầu realistic characteristics; drinking, running away from trang chủ và so on.Side-questMini-games and side quest plays a vital role in Baông xã lớn Nature. For example, raising a happy dog, chicken, or horse provides you benefits in the fields and also at local competitions. The player can win a dog show, chicken sumo competition or horse race. Players can participate in the cooking competition. Back to Nature rewards the players in the form of additions to their house, stable và barn.

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GraphicsBaông xã to lớn Nature is colourful and attractive visually. Animals and crops are easy to identify. The festivals và the mini-games are visually pretty.

Best Emulator for Harvest Moon - Baông xã lớn Nature

To play this game, you will require a PlayStationemulator. PlayStation emulator emulates the popular gaming console & allows users lớn enjoy their favourite PlayStation games on their devices. For the Windows, Linux and Mac operating system, you can use ePSXe (enhanced PSX emulator). Another best emulator is PCSX. It"s an open-source & không tính phí console emulator. Psx4droid is the best choice for Android, & it is one of the best, faskiểm tra và most compatible emulators.

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