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Even though History might not be your favorite subject at school, you are sure to love this game that Clarence has come up with now. It is all about your favorite two things, Vikings & Superheroes. It is called Awesomest Battle in History game, and you can already guess what it is all about. They plan khổng lồ recreate one of the most important events that happened in their birthplace, Aberdale, namely the war between heroes and Vikings. It was an epic battle between raw force and superpowers worthy of being remembered for years khổng lồ come.

Choose the side on which you want lớn fight & go ahead và start the war. In the beginning, you will see that the map of the town is equally parted between the two sides, each one having the same number of buildings under control. As you settle down, have a look at each building & see the differences in points between the two of you, the one who has more also has it under his rule.

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Prepare your game strategy

On the bản đồ, you will also spot a bar up there that says who is winning at the moment, because war is more than a single battle. There will also be the counter of coins that you gained while fighting against your enemies. The objective sầu of the game is to lớn conquer the whole bản đồ, building by building. Do that by attacking your opponent's ones và at the same time, vì chưng not forget to defkết thúc yours.

Start a fight by choosing any place you want on the maps. At first, try khổng lồ go for something more easier lượt thích defending one of yours. This way, you will have sầu an advantage until you manage to lớn get a grip on what is going on around here. After deciding, select, & go for battle.

Control Clarence by using the arrows on the keyboard and the Z key to lớn attack. Pretty simple. Each place will have sầu its sort of maze or trenches if you want. You will be there with your other Viking sidekicks, và the heroes will also be there, ready to lớn attaông xã. Expect to lớn be outnumbered at first by them but vị not worry because here only the one who has better strategical skills can win.

Useful Tips và Tricks

The alặng is to lớn pop the boxes that appear all over the battlefield & collect the tickets. The team that gets more tickets wins. To open a box you have to shoot at it, but be quick because anybody can obtain the prize, even your opponents. That would mean that you struggled for nothing.

Put down the other guys by shooting at them with whatever you have sầu on you, from mud to water. If you hit hyên ổn enough, he will pass out and go back from the start. For every one you put down, you will gain a point that surely will come in handy later on.

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With the money earned at the end of each round, you can go to the siêu thị & buy some helpful things. From sidekicks lớn weapons, if you've got the money, you got power. Upgrade your skills or buy some things that would work as armor and the game will turn more & more attractive sầu for the better.

Have fun, young warrior!

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