Is any Character from One Piece able khổng lồ not instantly die from one of Saitamas punches?

Or is one strong enough that saitama has lớn use a serious punch?

Also what dangerous Level would you give characters like Rodger, Whitebeard, Kaivày, Big Mom, ... ?

What vị you think?


Saitama is a gag character for starters, và gag characters are on a while different spectrum of power compared to lớn other anime lol. On top of that, his gag is that he can beat anything in one punch. So a gag character, meaning he has unparalleled physical prowess for the sake of humor, with a gag ability khổng lồ OHKO everything beats just about everything that has ever existed in any size of truyền thông media lol. So to answer your question, no. Logia's would die, Haki would make zero difference, Saitama would immediately live up to lớn his name of One Punch Man lol.

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OK gonna go to lớn the wiki now và come baông xã with a character that survives Saitama

Edit: Marteo, Tamago, (depending on Bonneys condition to change people's age: Bonney), Baccarat with a bit of luck... , Hawkins

Edit 2.0: imagine Belo Betty motivating Saitama lớn 200% power jooo

Logia users, Katakuri & Hawkins.

Haven't kept up with OPM recently but from what I know, most one piece top tiers would easily be at the top of OPM universe if we take away Saitama.

I think both anime have different power scale. We need to lớn quantitize power of each character then normalize the data so we can compare them afterward.

These debates are so pointless. You'd have sầu khổng lồ assume Saitama destroys the entire One Piece universe though.

this entirely depends on if Saitama has Haki or not. if he does, then most everyone would die in one hit that lands except maybe Marco and Tamago. if he does not have sầu Haki then every Logia user + Luffy/Katakuri will not die unless he happens khổng lồ be wrapped in that element's specific weakness.

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I think Kaido và Big Mom could take few punches & launch Saitama far distances. Old Whitebeard could take one punch if he can haki up his defenses. I think all admiral màn chơi or above characters would get Dragon+ màn chơi rating.

I don't usually get inkhổng lồ these kinda os silly discussions, but I really don't think you underst& the power scale of the OPM universe. Not a single person you mentioned could take a punch from Saitama, haki or no. Saitama has one punched beings stronger than anyone in the OP. universe. The only workaround are logias & hawkins, but the shockwaves and air pressure from Saitama's punch could still decimate a logia.

And none of the admirals are dragon+. They are low-mid dragon at best. Dragon+ monsters can level a modern city in a minute with ease.

nobody toàn thân is the OP universe could even handle Tatsumaki, let alone survive sầu Saitama.

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