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If you want to play some classic Playstation 2 games with friends, these games tư vấn more than just 2 players!


Many video game consoles have made an undeniable mark on the industry, but the leap forward that came with the PlayStation 2 is unbelievable. The new Sony console brought with its many impressive sầu features & what’s largely considered to lớn be one of the best libraries of games for any console.

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The PlayStation 2 found tremendous success with most of its ideas, but it also pushed forward certain innovations that flew under the radar. The PlayStation 2 is largely a two-player console, but the advent of Sony’s multitap allowed more people to lớn jump in on the multiplayer action. However, the average gamer remained unaware of many of the games that tư vấn this feature.

Updated September 18, 2021, by Jachồng Pursey: With the enormous amounts of games releasing every week, adding to lớn the already massive catalog of games from previous generations of consoles, it can be tricky deciding what lớn play. This can be especially difficult when finding a game to play with friends, as multiple opinions on what to pichồng can make finding the perfect game tough.

Therefore, we've sầu updated this list lớn include some details like Best Feature & Main Story Completion Time, which ayên ổn to lớn help players decide what to play next.

16 WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain


Initial Release Date: October 27, 2003 Available Platforms: PlayStation 2 Main Story Completion Time: 15 Hours Best Feature: Nearly đôi mươi years later, the gameplay is still some of the best in any pro-wrestling release WWE đoạn phim games were once considered lớn be among mỏi the most enjoyable multiplayer sporting releases, with Royal Rumble matches, in particular, bringing hours of joy. Unfortunately, WWE's gaming franchise has since taken a nosedive sầu, with WWE 2K20's disastrous launch being the last straw for many fans.

Thankfully, the classic pro-wrestling games still exist, & WWE SmackDown! Here Comes The Pain remains an absolute blast khổng lồ play. Up lớn six people can join the action & have sầu a wealth of iconic WWE stars to lớn choose from.

15 Crash Nitro Kart


Initial Release Date: November 11, 2003 Available Platforms: trò chơi Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, N-Gage, điện thoại phone Main Story Completion Time: 7 hours Best Feature: Well designed tracks with plenty of shortcuts to lớn find Vicarious Visions' Crash Nitro Kart may not have lived up to lớn the high standards that Naughty Dog phối with Crash Team Racing in 1999, but it's still a fantastic kart racer in its own right & great fun to lớn play with friends.

Racing isn't the only multiplayer mode that Crash Nitro Kart offers, as the game also brings baông chồng the Battle Mode from the PlayStation 1 classic.

14 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003


Initial Release Date: October 27, 2002 Available Platforms: Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS Main Story Completion Time: N/A Best Feature: Quintessential PGA Tour gameplay that still holds up today Released in October 2002, EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 is the highest-rated golf gaming of all time on Metacritic, with a PC Metascore of 92. The game is also excellent on PS2 và allows up khổng lồ four players lớn compete across multiple game modes.

Most of the multiplayer modes can be played by alternating with just one controller. Speed golf, however, must be played simultaneously as it requires players to lớn chase after their ball once they'd hit it, leading to lớn some great golfing races.

13 Buzz!: The Mega Quiz


Initial Release Date: April 27, 2007 Available Platforms: PlayStation 2 Main Story Completion Time: N/A Best Feature: The impressive sầu range of over 5,000 different questions Although most of the PlayStation 2's attempts at creating innovative sầu equipment lượt thích the EyeToy fell flat, there were a few that performed well; one of which is the Buzz! Buzzer.

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Buzz! The BIG Quiz was the second entry inkhổng lồ the Buzz! franchise, & is one of a whopping 13 games from the franchise that appeared on the PlayStation 2. Buzz! The BIG Quiz was a huge hit with causal gamers, earning it the 2006 BAFTA for best Casual & Social game.

12 Roông xã Bvà 2

Initial Release Date: September 14, 2008 Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Wii Main Story Completion Time: 9 hours Best Feature: Some of the best rhythm gameplay of all time The Roông chồng Band series finally gave sầu people the chance khổng lồ get a bvà together with friends while giving them the safety of a virtual crowd khổng lồ ensure that no fruit would be thrown at the struggling vocalist.

Rock B& differentiated itself from its Guitar Hero competitor by allowing four people khổng lồ play simultaneously with microphone, drum, lead guitar, và bass guitar controllers.

11 FIFA 2003

Initial Release Date: October 25, 2002 Available Platforms: PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Mobile phone Main Story Completion Time: N/A Best Feature: Fast-paced gameplay that offers an arcade-lượt thích alternative sầu to lớn today's simulation-style The strongest entry inlớn the FIFA series during its PlayStation 2 era, FIFA 2003 scored an impressive sầu 88 on Metacritic. As the third FIFA game to release on the console, it was clear that EA had found their feet on the system, offering their most realistic soccer syên ổn yet.

FIFA 2003 lets up lớn eight players compete simultaneously, allowing for argument-inducing four vs four battles.

10 Mystic Heroes

Initial Release Date: March 14, 2002 Available Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2, trò chơi Boy Advance Main Story Completion Time: 8.5 hours Best Feature: Rewarding and satisfying beat 'em up gameplay Koei’s explosive sầu Dynasty Warriors series has helped redefine the action genre with its musou games that specialize in seemingly endless hordes of enemies that need to lớn be taken down. The Dynasty Warriors series has spun off in many chất lượng directions, but Mystic Heroes marks one of the first deviations from the norm as it embraces magic & sorcery over melee weapons và pure combat.

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Mystic Heroes never lets up và it’s a title that not only allows for four-person multiplayer but there’s also a co-op mode present that allows for even more of a group experience.

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9 Micro Machines V4

Initial Release Date: June 27, 2006 Available Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintenvì chưng DS Main Story Completion Time: 4 hours Best Feature: The fantastic range of cars to lớn collect Micro Machines V4 is an inventive take on the racing genre & while it’s far from a perfect game, it does enough things differently that it deserves its due. The main novelty of Micro Machines is the creative sầu tracks that emphasize the small nature of the vehicles. Players not only race, but they can assault one another with power-ups lớn gain the advantage.

Micro Machines V4 allows for four players lớn race at once, but it doesn’t use a split-screen option. If a player is far behind then they’re left off-screen, making it much harder khổng lồ win.

8 Rayman Arena

Initial Release Date: November 30, 2001 Available Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2 Main Story Completion Time: 4 hours Best Feature: The platforming elements offer an interesting take on the racing genre The Rayman franchise is one of the quirkier platformer franchises out there & it’s become a dark horse for Ubisoft over the years. Despite how the Rayman games have done some inventive things for platformers, Rayman Arena (known as Rayman M in Europe) instead focuses on multiplayer gameplay và allows four people khổng lồ jump in on the action.

Impressively, Rayman Aremãng cầu offers both a battle-type multiplayer as well as foot races, which add a surprising amount of versatility to lớn the spin-off title. While not as acclaimed as the core series, Rayman Arena is much better than it deserves to lớn be.

7 Project Eden

Initial Release Date: October 8, 2001 Available Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 Main Story Completion Time: 18 hours Best Feature: The interesting & well-crafted plot và setting Project Eden is a title that got greatly overlooked during the PS2 era, but it’s the kind of game that would deeply benefit from a modern remake.

The game is mix in a futuristic society where players control a powerful group of law enforcement officers who are hunting for some missing people. There are four members on the team, all of which have different skills that cater to the game's puzzles. Project Eden can be played alone where the gamer hops between characters, but the game truly comes alive sầu when four people are playing together & working as a team.

6 Quake 3: Revolution

Initial Release Date: December 2, 1999 (under the name Quake 3 Arena) Available Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, iOS Main Story Completion Time: 5 hours Best Feature: Classic arena-shooter fun, particularly with friends The Quake series is one of the formative shooter franchises for the PC that helped move sầu the genre forward in tremendous ways. The PC was the best place khổng lồ play Quake during the early 2000s, but the PlayStation 2 offered a satisfying alternative sầu in the khung of Quake 3: Revolution.

The port combines Quake 3 Arena & Quake 3: Team Arena and it's one of the first games that showed what the PS2 could accomplish with multiplayer that extends beyond simply two players. Quake 3: Revolution allows for four-player frag matches with the game handling the frenetic chaos without compromise.

5 Twisted Metal: Black

Initial Release Date: June 18, 2001 Available Platforms: PlayStation 2 Main Story Completion Time: 4 hours Best Feature: Some of the best vehicular combat gameplay of all time The video clip game genre of demolition-based racers has dwindled in more recent years in favor of more traditional titles, but Twisted Metal was one of the original PlayStation’s flagship titles và the series’ big debut on the PlayStation 2 does not disappoint.

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Twisted Metal: Blachồng helps push the destructive sầu title into the next generation of gaming and one of the biggest advents is that this messy chaos supports four players. An online update version of the game makes the multiplayer experience even more of its priority.

4 007: Nightfire

Initial Release Date: November 18, 2002 Available Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, trò chơi Boy Advance, macOS Main Story Completion Time: 6.5 hours Best Feature: Offer the best James Bond multiplayer gameplay since GoldenEye 007 The Nintenbởi vì 64’s GoldenEye 007 is still looked at as one of the best multiplayer games of all time & The PS2’s 007: Nightfire is the console’s attempt lớn cash in on the previous title’s success. Nightfall crafts an original story & the multiplayer features many love letters lớn classic James Bond films.

The multiplayer here may not be as addictive sầu as Goldeneye’s, but it’s still an extremely satisfying substitute. The PlayStation 2 allows for up to lớn four players khổng lồ join in on the spy action, with the addition of AI bots adding even more to the experience.

3 Tekken Tag Tournament

Initial Release Date: July 1, 1999 Available Platforms: Arcade, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 Main Story Completion Time: 2 hours Best Feature: The visuals, which were incredible for the time và still look great today The Tekken series has been a mainstay of the fighting genre for decades & it’s been exciting to watch the arcade fighter progressively shift over to lớn the trang chủ console market. Each of the early games in the series refines the formula a little more, but Tekken Tag Tournament is a juggernaut of a title that packs a lot into lớn one game.

Tekken Tag Tournament still only allows for two fighters in a match at once, but the “tag” aspect of the game allows for four players khổng lồ duke it out, two-on-two, và leads lớn some interesting gameplay strategies.

2 Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Initial Release Date: 1999 Available Platforms: Arcade, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, trò chơi Boy Advance Main Story Completion Time: 13 hours Best Feature: The multiplayer is well integrated và offers great dungeon-crawling fun with friends The Gauntlet Legends series has fallen out of favor in recent years, but the games had a solid run of being some of the best four-player fantasy action games on the market.

There’s a very familiar structure lớn the Gauntlet Legends series as players choose from diverse classes of fighter-lượt thích wizards or warriors as they prepare for an onslaught of enemies. Dark Legacy is the entry of the series on PlayStation 2 and the luxury of hacking và slashing through monsters & enemies with four players is such an enjoyable experience.

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1 Timesplitters 2

Initial Release Date: October 8, 2002 Available Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube Main Story Completion Time: 10 hours Best Feature: Some of the most enjoyable multiplayer gameplay on the PlayStation 2 The PlayStation 2 is teeming with shooters that get the adrenaline pumping, but gamers who truly want lớn go nuts và celebrate a wild time with a mob of people, there’s no better title than Timesplitters 2.

The time-traveling shooter doesn’t just offer slichồng gameplay, but it has a shrewd sense of humor as it gets anachronistic with the many time periods visited in the game. Timesplitters 2 doesn’t only allow for four-person multiplayer with a multi-tap, but it even allows for a 16-player showdown with the use of the system link accessory. Even now that’s an impressive feat.