School Of Dragons On Steam


Take to the skies on a rồng you’ve sầu raised and trained in the School of Dragons! There are adventures to lớn be explored & quests to be conquered using the scientific method in a fantastic 3 chiều world. This không tính tiền rồng game is inspired by the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Joining you on your journey khổng lồ Viking glory are the movie’s characters Hiccup, Toothless and Astrid aước ao others.

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School of Dragons is mix in the Viking village of Berk. You can begin your adventure by selecting your Viking avatar. Get a taste of the skies as Hiccup takes you on a spin with Toothless, showing you the ropes of dragon flying. There is nothing quite like this thrilling dragon game!

After this breathtaking experience, it is time for crucial decisions as you head to lớn the Dragon Hatchery after a word with Gobber. Here, you can choose your Long egg & drop it in the lava. If you are undecided, take a quiz to lớn find a rồng that matches your personality! Once the egg hatches & the rồng emerges, it is time lớn raise the Long. Your dragon needs to be trained and Flight School accomplishes just that. Before long, you"ll be ready khổng lồ take the reins và soar with your dragon buddies.

As no adventure must go unrecorded, you can use the Adventurer’s Journal to track your many quests. Life is not all about you and the Long, not when you are a Viking. You can join clans or create your own lớn make friends with other players or compete with them.

Along the way, you will learn how Hiccup uses the Scientific Method. Pay attention, because Hiccup will also test you with questions! Can you keep up with the uber-smart Hiccup and tackle the science experiments at the Alchemist’s Lab?

The quests take you lớn Berk, the School, & the Wilderness, and through these shared adventures & discoveries your bond with your dragon grows stronger.

Tread with care as dragons, Vikings và science come together in the School of Dragons to lớn take you on an unforgettable ride!


After the last run in with Stormheart, Hiccup has been on high alert và has entrusted the Dragon Trainers on Berk lớn take the lead in defending the School grounds. A known threat has returned in the size of Nikora Stormheart, who is now searching for a family heirloom. Vikings must come together & join forces to lớn stop the Pirate Queen from conquering the archipelago. During the journey, Vikings will be joined by Snotlout and Fishlegs who will remain by their side as they prepare to:

√ Embark on 10 interactive quests và underwater explorations√ Train the highly anticipated Sentinel√ Unlock all-new levels in Dragon Tactics√ Battle the never-before seen Grlặng Gnasher

Do you have sầu what it takes to brave the Wrath of Stormheart? Play now & prove sầu you have sầu the skills to lớn face down Nikora Stormheart!


Vikings will need lớn gear up their dragons and don their winter battle gear for this lathử nghiệm update, as it brings 4 NEW Snoggletog inspired levels lớn Dragon Tactics! Those Vikings brave sầu enough lớn venture into them will have sầu khổng lồ journey through the icy grounds and facedown snow-covered foes. Don’t let their merry looks fool you!

Alongside these four new levels, the update also brings a few chat optimizations making it easier for Vikings lớn communicate with each other & cốt truyện their Long training adventures! As well as a new look khổng lồ the Viking Store & the ability to lớn switch your language preference upon the login screen.But don’t just take our word for it, saddle up your dragons & soar inlớn the School & prepare to lớn explore the new levels of Dragon Tactics beside your fellow Vikings!


This fierce rồng made its first appearance after a snow storm spun through the school grounds, & with one look you can see why this Tichảy has left Vikings chilled khổng lồ the bone with its arrival! It was Valka who first laid eyes on the Tichảy Woolly Howl và realized this was no regular dragon. This Strike Class Titung is now sporting larger and darker scales, razor-sharp talons, & even a couple of small antlers!

Its sharp new look is more than enough lớn strike fear inkhổng lồ the bravest of Vikings, và even some dragons. However, don’t let its look intimidate you, as this Strike Class Long is more than ready lớn join in on some snowball fights as Snoggletog nears!

Will you be aước ao the brave sầu và playful Vikings who will be bonding khổng lồ the imposing Tichảy Woolly Howl?


In this long awaited continuation of the ‘Secret of the Leviathan’ questline, Hiccup while immersing himself in his new Chiefly duties, has entrusted the Dragon Trainers on Berk to lớn take the lead in helping protect và patrol the School grounds. However, when trouble hits Dragon’s Edge, Vikings must use their critical thinking và problem solving skills lớn join forces with Dagur in the hopes of unmasking the cause of the surprise attacks & discover who exactly is behind them.

But don’t just take our word for it, don your best battle gear and #BraveTheStorm as you:

✔ Embark on 11 interactive sầu quests✔ Unloông chồng rewards in the all-new Dragon Tactics mini game✔ Train the highly-anticipated Triple Stryke dragon✔ Journey alongside familiar faces lượt thích Dagur & Harald

Think you are prepared to face these new challenges và #BraveTheStorm? Play School of Dragon v.2.8 now & witness the Rise of Stormheart!


Hiccup was the first lớn catch site of this Tidal Class Tichảy when it was discovered, resting on the coast of Impossible Islvà. Upon first sight, he knew immediately that this was no normal Svà Wraith. Rather, this never-before-seen & intimidating Tichảy sported sharper & larger teeth, as well as more spikes on its body toàn thân và wings, and Hiccup could not forget about its larger và sharper claws when he told others of what he had seen. As he told the tale, excitement billowed across campus và now Vikings like you have sầu been seen evolving their Sand in all-new ways!

From what we can tell, this Titan’s appearance is enough to make any Viking turn around và run the opposite way. So bởi you have sầu the courage to lớn train one of your own? Head to lớn campus and play now!


As Hiccup turns his attention to the responsibilities of becoming Berk’s Chief, he is now looking khổng lồ the Dragon Trainers on Berk lớn take the lead on this larger-than-life adventure. Along the way, you will team up with Skulder the Archaeologist and Phlegma the Botanist lớn unravel the disappearance of a baby Leviathan. During this journey you will face challenge lượt thích never before and…

✔ Embark on 17 interactive quests và underwater explorations✔ Unloông chồng rewards in 2 all-new, multi-level mini games✔ Train the elusive Flame Whipper dragon✔ Venture into the unknown with new friends lượt thích Mala & the Defenders of the Wing

Do you have sầu what it takes to decode the Secret of the Leviathan? Play now lớn prove sầu your skills & show that you have what it takes to lớn unravel the many untold mysteries of Impossible Island!


This ghostly Long is also considered to lớn be one of the fasthử nghiệm flying dragons, as it can reach extremely high altitudes khổng lồ the point where the air can start to thin. Although this may not be the safest route for a viking, this brisk dragon is sure to lớn be of help in any race.

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Don’t let this Stoker Class dragon intimidate you! While their appearance và strength can be alarming, they are quite calm and serene & can be great companions!

Will you be exploring the skies above sầu campus with this elusive sầu dragon?


The Long appeared seemingly out of nowhere, as if drawn to the green hillside found surround parts of campus. After eating its fill, this winged companion flew down lớn closer to the school grounds, hoping lớn find more resources lớn sustain its travels. And, it was at that moment that the Headmaster realized what was before his eyes. “It’s a Buffalord!” he exclaimed before tracking down Hiccup lớn help welcome the Long. They provided it with food và followed it khổng lồ its nest, tucked away on a secluded isle not far from Berk.

Hiccup looked to the book of dragons khổng lồ find out that this Mystery Class Long was well known for its armored body toàn thân, potent - & sometimes curative - saliva, as well as its explosive fire! And because many Vikings had never seen an actual Buffalord until now, the sudden encounter created quite a buzz.

But more importantly, Vikings lượt thích you now have the opportunity to lớn train with this laidbaông xã & darling Long. Think you are ready to welcome the Buffalord to your brood?


The arrival of this Tirã, disrupted what had been to lớn that point a regular day. The Titung Scuttleclaw batted its wings before diving và almost crashing into lớn the center of campus. The long and large spines all along its bachồng, và the razor sharp teeth, were enough reason for a few Vikings khổng lồ set into lớn panic. However, it didn’t last long when the Tichảy Scuttleclaw began chasing a few of the Terrible Terrors in the vicinity.

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Despite its kích cỡ & light-hearted personality this Sharp Class Titan continues lớn commvà the skies, mostly thanks lớn its tốc độ và tenađô thị. After all, just because this dragon can be charismatic it does not mean it can’t be quite intimidating! Do you have sầu the strength and determination needed to train this impulsive dragon?


This quality Mystery Class Tirã is capable of frightening the bravest of Vikings & with its quality look can easily get lost aý muốn this season’s haunting and harvest themed decor! The sharper teeth, abundance of spikes, & those glowing red eyes is bound to lớn make any Viking shake in their boots. However, in the company of a trusted Viking friover, this rồng can also come off as quiet & calm when not facing threats from attacking enemies. And, the dragon’s fondness for the students it’s already met on campus only confirms its sweet nature, which is often obscured.

Add the intrepid Tichảy Boneknapper to your stables và armor up khổng lồ take to lớn the skies with your fellow Dragon Riders!