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With the BDSP giveaway over, PokéCommunity is now also giving out one copy of Legends: Arceus
lớn a lucky winner! Interested in joining the giveaway? Click here! Recruitment Essentials Pokemon Dark Rising 3 (Need Mappers!) Started by NettoHikari October 22nd, 2020 11:31 PM

Hi! I am one of the programmers for Pokemon Dark Rising 3, which uses Pokemon Essentials v18.1 on RPG Maker XP.Description: Dark Rising 3 is currently in production và is the final sequel lớn the Dark Rising franchise. Dark Rising 3 begins nine years after Order Destroyed.Our main heroes are the twins Zyro & Zyree Crosswell, & the game revolves around their survival stories in this post-apocalyptic world created in "Hoopa"s Image".

Features:- Two playable protagonists- Z-Transformation- Recruiting system- Disguises- Custom questing systemPositions Recruiting: Composer/MusicianPlease DM me here or on Discord (NettoHikari#6501) for more info!Website: http://darkrisingfans.weebly.com/dark-rising-iii.htmlDiscord Server: https://discord.gg/FzaEYKXScreenshots:


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Wow i remember playing the first trò chơi around 7 years ago và now its on its 3rd installment. I wish I can help but good luck!