Incorporation Là Gì


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the process or fact of legally making a company into a corporation or part of a corporation (= a large company or group of companies that is controlled together as a single organization):
the act of making a company or organization into a legal corporation (= a particular type of company):
the incorporation of sth into sth The incorporation of biology into industrial processes will become routine.
More precisely, the relation between complement adverbs và incorporation should not be seen as an " if and only if " relation.
For this reason, a further breakdown of the data involved separating peer- và self-repair from repetition và incorporation.
States with significant labor movements (measured by numbers of strikes) were more resistant lớn liberalized incorporation law.
The design và incorporation of the technology already displays an artistic intention regarding gender and other supposedly binary categories.
They split almost evenly between the first và second halves of the decade in date of incorporation.
Scope for use of stable carbon isotopes in discerning the incorporation of forest detritus into aquatic foodwebs.
In most agents, adaptation is restricted to the incorporation of new information acquired through user feedback.
At the 1-cell stage neither glycine uptake nor its incorporation into proteins is inhibited by methionine.
I shall briefly summarize43 the social changes in the frontier after incorporation before outlining the quarantine laws & their fate.
Lexical borrowing is the incorporation of individual words originating in a donor, or lexifier, language into the discourse of a recipient, or host, language.
The incorporation of these relatively old mathematical concepts will undoubtedly help lớn reduce the computational complexity of real time perception-action systems.
He concludes that velarisation is a transitional gradual change leading khổng lồ the incorporation of a nasal into the preceding vowel.

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Further more, this understanding is also a prerequisite for recommending changes that are suitable for incorporation into pastoral husbandry systems.
Yet in turn, the incorporation of such new topics also reinvigorates older narratives of economic and political transformation.
This observation suggests that the potassium present on the organic materials became easily available upon incorporation into the soil.
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