Lag là gì

If a computer or computer game lags, there is a delay between the user doing something & the computer or game reacting lớn it:

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to lớn cover something with a thichồng layer of material in order lớn stop heat from escaping or to lớn stop water from freezing:
a delay between a user performing an action on a computer or computer game, and the computer or game reacting:
Gamers know the slighthử nghiệm lag between a mouse"s movements và the action on the PC screen can have serious consequences.

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lag behind sb/sth Business leaders in the UK still lag behind their European counterparts in foreign language skills.
Various special cases of equation (1.1) with unbounded lags have been already studied because of numerous interesting applications as well as the specific qualitative sầu properties.
Unfortunately, in most cases empirical testing has lagged the theoretical development of this class of models,1 including in the area of international relations.
Thus, the re-polarization of congressional elections lagged behind the polarization of national presidential politics.
The four variants are (1) the contemporaneous data rule, (2) the lagged data rule, (3) the forward expectations rule, & (4) the contemporaneous expectations rule.
This time is determined as the cycle at which the number of parasites exceeds the antibody trigger level plus a specified lag time.
A potentially more serious problem is that changes in perceptions of corruption may lag reality, if they have sầu anything lớn vày with reality at all.
One simply has to lớn add a Model containing both lagged output và lagged inflation khổng lồ the two models considered thus far.
All of the children who developed psychiatric conditions had developmental lags of motor function & what she called poor integration of visual - proprioceptive sầu stimuli.
Despite recent large increases in the number of organs transplanted from living donors, especially from genetically unrelated volunteers, supply continues to lớn lag far behind dem&.
This conclusion is reinforced by the finding that lagged employment exerts a negative difference on current wages.