Which emulator should i use for playing pubg mobile on my computer, tencent or noxplayer?


Player Unknown’s Battle Ground known as PUBG became quite the craze since it was released. But how it is, if you take your game khổng lồ the next cấp độ by playing it on your pc? In this article, we will guide users for a step-by-step process on how khổng lồ play PUBG on the Nox player?

There are many emulators out there to lớn Play PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại on pc. NoxPlayer is a không lấy phí Android Emulator is the best alternative sầu of Bluestacks because of the additional features that it offers khổng lồ its users.

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Nox Player recreate the environment on a bigger screen with better controls using a keyboard & mouse. So, you will able khổng lồ get an edge over your opponents in the PUBG game.Before, ready to lớn give sầu it a go. Read the following features, which you are going experience with Nox android emulator. & gear up for a great gaming experience.

Key features of Nox App Player:

Nox phầm mềm player is designed based on Android 4.4.2 Kernel.Set mouse and Keyboard controls according to lớn your comfortImport any ứng dụng or tệp tin from your pc lớn Nox by just dragging and droppingCan play different games simultaneously by Multi-instance featureGoogle Play Store & Browser is also availableThe performance & tốc độ of Nox game android emulator are really quiông chồng and very stable.

There are many other features that you will experience while using this Android emulator.

System requirements of NOX PLayer:

OS: Windows XP /Vista /7 /8.1/ 10, OSX-10.8+CPU: dual-core AMD or Intel CPUGPU: 1 GB Graphic cards or more is mandatoryRAM: 2GB RAMHDD: 2GB of không tính phí disk space

If your PC meets the above sầu requirements, you can tải về Nox Player emulator.How lớn play PUBG on Nox player?This infographic will be helping you khổng lồ understand how lớn tải về PUBG on Nox player. Below it, we have step by step guided lớn users on how to install PUBG in Nox player without downloading it.


Follow these steps to successfully install PUBG on Nox Player.

Step 1: Download the lachạy thử version of Nox App Player from their official trang web www.bignox.com

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Step 2: After Clicking on Downloaded cài đặt below screen will appear. Check on accept the agreement và If you want to change Installation location then clichồng on Custom và browse the location where you want khổng lồ install. Then cliông xã on the install button. The process will start immediately.

Step 3: It will take a couple of minutes. After successfully installing Cliông chồng on the start button to get launch Nox app player.

Step 4: Once the loading is completed, you will see the Nox App Player trang chủ screen on your PC. You can fix the emulator settings for better gaming performance. Go to lớn the Setting button present on the top menu. Cliông chồng on an advanced setting.Here are the recommended setup values:

CPU Memory: 2048MB or more.

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Graphics Rendering Mode: If you have sầu dedicated Graphics cards like Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon then choose OpenGL & if you have only integrated graphics card then choose Direct X.Resolution: 1280*720 (You can change this based on your PC resolution specs.)

Step 5: Now you are ready khổng lồ tải về PUBG on Nox Player. Clichồng on the Google Play Store lớn phối up your tài khoản. Search for Pubg điện thoại on Google Play Store & cliông xã on the same from the các mục.

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how khổng lồ install PUBG in Nox player without downloading:

Step 6: Connect your phone to lớn the pc and copy PUBG Smartphone APK and it’s obb file to the desktop. To copy obb file open your phone’s internal storage and go lớn thư mục Android > obb> tencent.ig

Step 7: Clichồng on the ‘add apk‘ button. select pubg Mobile app android và cliông xã on ‘open‘. now the tệp tin is downloaded in Nox phầm mềm player. Now we need khổng lồ add its Obb file lớn give it go.

Step 8: Cliông chồng on the ‘file share‘ button. Small pop up will appear and select the ‘open pc folder‘, option on it. và copy PUBG obb tệp tin from the desktop and paste it here.Finally, we need to lớn combine PUBG Akungfu và it’s obb file. so go to the tệp tin manager that is pre-installed in Nox player.

Step 9: Select the Obb tệp tin that you have sầu pasted in the Nox player. lớn get tệp tin go khổng lồ mnt>share>image.

Step 10: Now come at the home screen of the file manager. then go khổng lồ storage > emulated > legacy > Android > Obb > com.tencent.ig. Click on the ‘action‘ button indicated by three dots.

Step 11: Below popup will appear. Click on ‘Copy selection here‘ option. It will take 2 to lớn 3 minutes. After successfully copied your PUBG game ready to lớn run. Well done!Step 12: Now Open the game and sign in with your Facebook OR Twitter trương mục and create your character.

Step 13: To get a better experience go khổng lồ the PUBG setting. Set graphics and frame rate which is suitable for your device. Select smooth & ultra for low-over pc.

Step 14: Click on the ‘keyboard control’ button khổng lồ customize the keyboard layout và configurations according lớn your comfort và save sầu the settings.

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now you are ready lớn play PUBG Game! Enjoy!


This is the complete Guide on how to lớn play PUBG on Nox player. If you still have sầu any doubts regarding the procedure you can ask below in the comment box section.