Power Là Gì


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Visitors to the thành phố are respectfully reminded of the council"s powers to lớn remove illegally parked vehicles.
a person, organization, or country that has control over others, often because of wealth, importance, or great military strength:
The ship was only slightly damaged in the collision & was able to sail inlớn port under its own power.
the amount by which an image is increased by a device used for seeing things that are very small or a long distance away:
the ability or right lớn control people & events, or khổng lồ influence the way people act or think in important ways:
The election results showed that the Democrats had lost power, with Republicans taking over five more Democratic seats.

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someone or something, such as an organization or country, that has control over others, often because of authority, importance, or wealth:
Whenever there’s a storm in these parts, you can expect a power outage (= a loss of electrical power).
the number of times that a number is lớn be multiplied by itself, or the number that is the result of multiplying a number by itself:
The bitter power struggle at the top of the company had a negative effect on the value of its shares.
have sầu the power lớn bởi sth The regulator has the power to block a giảm giá khuyến mãi that would be damaging to consumers.
emergency/executive/special powers The Prime Minister was mix lớn invoke emergency powers khổng lồ handle the distribution of petrol during the crisis.

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a group, country, or organization that has control over others, especially because of financial or military strength:
The system is a way of measuring how much computer-processing power is needed to lớn handle all the hits to a customer"s site.
With pretense, disguise, & unreflective sầu belief in disinterested philosophical analysis, philosophers can easily objectify the interests of certain power groups, whether scientific or political.
Structural consistency is an example of a svào rule that has the power to lớn invalidate changes that yield physically unsupportable designs.
The users of the water invested the communal power with the duty of protecting them against usurpers" efforts lớn divert the water.
As a result, returning refugees introduced new power objects that they carried with them from the localities where they had found refuge.