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an amount of money that someone has invested in a bank or lent to a person or organization so that they will receive sầu interest on it from the ngân hàng, person, or organization:
an amount of money that is lent, borrowed, or invested, apart from any additional money such as interest
Shares of these funds involve sầu investment risk, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested.

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These bonds involve the risk that the issuing company may be unable khổng lồ pay interest or repay principal.

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The money is secured by the borrower"s trang chính, which is sold after the borrower"s death khổng lồ pay off the interest and principal.
a person who is directly involved in an arrangement, agreement, etc., rather than someone acting for that person:
Some of the principal roles of taxonomies are khổng lồ facilitate human understanding, impart structure on an ontology and promote tenable integration.
We used principal-factor analysis (starting with squared multiple correlations as the prior communality estimates) lớn extract the principal factors from the 17 premenstrual symptoms.
The numbers atop the bars denote the cumulative sầu percentages of the response variation accounted for by successive sầu principal components.
Presence of females amuốn the principal group in a multiple inhumation causes us to lớn believe sầu that women had a preponderant role within the society.
This formal acknowledgement of informal carers as principal providers of tư vấn was seen as a recognition that was somewhat overdue.
The following sections of the paper seek to lớn specify the principal dimensions of reserve amuốn older people and the groups that are most vulnerable.
Firstly, no control agency can allow itself khổng lồ jeopardize the relationship of trust it enjoys with its political principals.
That the principal object of a site for arable farming or animal husbandry enjoys much attention is simply stating the obvious.
In spite of its historical framework the work is dominated by the fates of its three principal characters.
These are small clusters of buildings that have sầu developed around a short access drive to size enclosures behind the line of the principal street frontage.
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a tall structure with blades that are blown round by the wind và produce power khổng lồ make electricity

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