It’s been almost 2.5 years since I started playing PUBG.We all know that - PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds has always had really different states và with every single update, the game seems to lớn work totally different.

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As a competitive sầu PUBG player, I have been asked many times about how khổng lồ increase your FPS in PUBG.Since over of Alpha và beginning of Beta, I have sầu dealternative text with almost every possible type of FPS stuttering, freeze & other issues.Many problems you can fix yourself, but you need khổng lồ rethành viên one thing - Only devs can fully optimize the game & fix all of the problems.You can get a lot smoother experience by following all of the steps from my guide which is a huge gathering of the most popular & the least popular ‘fixes’ that can improve your smoothness and increase your FPS in PUBG.

Funny thing… Even ‘placebo’ changes that Have sầu 0.01% impact on your performance, MIGHT improve your ingame performance.Funny, right? PUBG is weird :)

I have read a lot of forums (Nvidia/Windows/PUBG) & I am gonmãng cầu be honest with you - It’s 2019 and PUBG still have a lot of problems.My friends with ‘NASA PCs’ are not free from problems, but this guide helped them a lot so…

Dear Pubg players - I have a special gift for you :)Hope my guide is gonna help you and you’ll not be as frustrated as you are when you die because of game performance or suddenly ping raises and freezes.

The guide is a result of an organized group mostly amateurs (Idea maker; Content/fix provider; group of testers; designer). We have sầu not been paid khổng lồ make this guide.We made it to help PUBG community at dealing with performance problems the game suffers.We really love sầu PUBG, we wish it good luông chồng và we wanmãng cầu have sầu the same chances during fight with every player! Me and my group remember periods of the game in which Better PC = More chance khổng lồ kill somebody toàn thân. Sadly, the game still has problems and sometoàn thân had to lớn provide a little help lớn PUBG Devs và huge PUBG Community.

If you wanmãng cầu show me your appreciation - Please, lượt thích my guide, add it khổng lồ fav, show it to your friends (maybe they also have sầu problems with PUBG), or maybe you wanna sent me something.Every kind of appreciation will be appreciated :D

I have sầu tested many things from my guide since Vikendi update.What I noticed? Every single update, game worked totally different and some FPS fixes worked, but the next update you had lớn revert them into lớn previous previous ones. Weird, right? I don’t really know, but it really worked.

Let’s start then.



Nvidia fixes và settings

1. Nvidia Drivers

Before installing new drivers, use DDU software in Win10 Safe Mode khổng lồ totally delete your current drivers from your system.Restart Windows & install new ones.

GTX users - The best performance in PUBG you can get by using those drivers: 391.01 > first version of 417 > 388.71I can not really tell you which one will perform the best on your GTX, so you gotta try all of them yourself.

RTX users - 430. 64 > 425 > 419 > 417As an RTX user, I can confirm the best possible performance I get on 430.64 and 425 drivers.The difference is about 0.5-1.7 fps.

2. Nvidia Control Panel

Just copy my settings :)


What I also found?Sometimes it’s worth trying ‘Fast Sync’ instead ‘Vsync: OFF’It can also help.

You can also try second preset that my frikết thúc has tested and also confirmed to work.It’s slightly different và I will still recommkết thúc upper ones, but If those won’t help, give a try khổng lồ my friend’s preset:



IMPORTANT THING: Maximum Pre-Rendered frame option.

If you’re low over PC owner (max 60fps) - Set Max Pre rendered frame to 1If you have sầu more than 80-100 fps - Set Max Pre Rendered Frame to lớn X > 1I suggest trying 3

You can also try App Controlled option.

Big reddit post about it -

3. Nvidia Inspector

Third tiệc ngọt software that you MUST downloadSettings


4. Nvidia Overlays

Disable NVidia overlays in GeForce Experience

5. Disable Nvidia telemetry

Just download the software and disable everything.You can vì chưng it other ways, but this one is the simplest & ‘newbie friendly’,1.html

Win10 settings and fixes

1. Windows Updates

Before Installing new Windows update, make sure It will not affect your gaming performance!If you install every single Windows update, I highly recommover you checking in google which one was decreasing performance.How can you kiểm tra your windows updates?

Control Panel -> Uninstall a program -> View Installed Updates

There you go :)Chechồng every ‘KBxxxxxx’ number in google lớn see what every update contains & about which one people were complaining about.

2. ‘Ultimate Performance’ power mode for W10

Enable ‘Ultimate Performance’ power mode for W10, versions 1803+. You can easily google it.You can also try ‘High performance mode’Some people did clalặng khổng lồ have their stutter reduced few updates ago.It’s still worth giving it a try, even If it might be considered as placebo in current W10.As I said in the beginning - Everything depends of your cài đặt và even the most stupid placebo changes can help.

3. SSD

If you’re SSD user, make sure your PUBG is installed on the SSD.

4. Defrag your HDD

Do not know how? Google it.To lazy? Download third tiệc ngọt software called ‘SmartDefrag’ và It’s gonna vày everything for ya.

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5. Search -> MSConfig -> Startup (disable everything that you vì chưng not need)

6. Disable Antiviruses

You vị not want to? Give sầu it a try and check your ingame performance.You can also turn it ON again :)

7. Windows Defender

There are two files:

TslGame.exe cộ TslGame_BE.exe

You gotta add them as an exception lớn your FireWall & Antivirut.

8. Windows Virtual Memory settings

There are actually few things you can vị, BUT the most important:

Make sure Automatically manage paging tệp tin size for all drives is unticked If you have an ssd drive sầu, make sure to lớn use that one for the paging file

1gb = 1024mb

Option number 1:

‘System Managed Size’ & this is really safe option. System will bởi vì everything for you.

Option number 2:If you have sầu 8gb physical ram, follow the way down:

Initial size: 8x1024(1024 =1gb) x 1.5 Maximum size: 36864

Option number 3:If you have 8gb ram:

Initial 8.000 Maximum: 8.000

If 16:

Initial 16.000 Maximum 16.00

Option number 4:

Use recommended option for initial and maximum.Recommended option is placed on the bottom side of the whole window.

Option number 5:

If you’re 8gb user:Initial: 1028x32Maximum size: 1028x64

9. Audio Format

Realtek Audio Manager -> Default Format -> 16 bit 44100Hz CD Quality.OrRight-cliông xã the speaker icon in your system tray and cliông chồng SoundsSelect Playback Devices Tab.Select your speaker, then click Properties.Cliông xã the Advanced tab.Click the drop-down & it will show you the sample rate & bit depths optionsChoose 16Bit 44100Hz (CD Quality)

10. Mouse polling rate

If possible, decrease the polling rate from 1.000mhz khổng lồ 500mhz.

11. Hidden process - “Game Bar Presence Writer”

There’s something called by players ‘Hidden process’ that appears only when you play games.You gotta disable it.The process is called: “trò chơi Bar Presence Writer’Youtuber ‘Gaming và Performance’ made a YouTube guide about it called: “Tutorial to Fix Stuttering In Almost All PC Games’ and ‘Tutorial lớn Fix Stuttering In Almost All PC Games Part II’. Give sầu it a try :)

Really simple lớn do và he explained it much better than I could.Give hyên a lượt thích and sub!

12. Windows10 XBox features

Disable Overlay, gamebar, EVERYTHING.You can also uninstall this thing using Commvà Prompt.Google it!

13. Important step - ‘EmptyStandByList Cleaner’


BEGINNER FRIENDLY V2 - You can also download and configure software called ‘ISLC’Simple to lớn use & it does exactly the same as the task that you create by following LooneyGoonX’s guide.

14. Uninstall everything that you bởi vì not need!!!

I know people that had few browsers, tons of crap and startup things.Disabling & uninstalling this shit did provide a HUGE improvement for the whole system.

Third party software fixes và settings

1. Unpark your CPU

Download third các buổi tiệc nhỏ software called ‘Unpark your CPU’. Set everything khổng lồ 100% and apply settings.

2. Set Timer Resolution

Download software called ‘Set Timer Resolution’. ALWAYS open it as an admin before playing games, phối ‘MAXIMUM’ and minimize the software.There we go :) Simple, right?

3. Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome, go khổng lồ settings -> advanced -> system -> disable both.

###4. UnrealEngineDownload ‘EpicGameLauncher’ and download ‘UnrealEngine’. Why? It’s really, really weird, but a few months ago people claimed It was improving their game smoothest, weird, right?I told a group of 10 people to lớn download it, without answering their questions, & they also noticed that their PUBG works much smoother.If you are desperate & you really have sầu a free space, give it a try :)If It doesn’t help, you can uninstall it everytime.

5. Discord

xuất hiện Discord. Settings -> Overlay -> Disable ingame Overlay Settings -> Appearance -> DISABLE ‘Hardware Acceleration’

6. Use ADW Cleaner

7. MSI Afterburner & RivaTuner

Make sure you can check out your FPS, Frametimes Graph, CPU all cores/GPU % usage.

If you can’t get stable 80 fps - Loông xã it to lớn 70 & 60.Cheông xã frametimes and fps drops.

IF everything works smoother, leave it.You bởi vì not want fucked up frame times that increase và decrease every second.You want as stable FPS và frametimes as possible.

If you can’t hold 110, try 80 và 90.If it works, leave sầu it this way.

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Can’t hold 150? Try 120 & 130 etc etc


1. Win10 services

Win10 itself has many services that you do not need & that consumes your resources.Get rid of:

Windows update(Set to lớn manual or disable it If you do not want lớn get windows updates) Windows Search(disable) Windows Cortana(disable) Nvidia Telemetry(disable this shit) Connected User Experiences và Telemetry(disable) DIAGNOSTIC POLICY SERVICE AUTOMATIC(disable) Distributed Link Tracking Client(disable) dmwappushsvc(disable) Superfetch(disable)

If you see more services that you do not need, make sure you disabled them.

2. Other Windows 10 optimizations

There are a few YouTube guides about Windows10 optimization for gaming.Newbie friendly and that will not cause any problems.Most changes that you’re gonna see there are placebo, but as I said