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reply with sth After criticism for being slow to respond khổng lồ changes in the market, the company replied with a major restructuring.
In a concluding chapter he gives personal commentaries on some of the earlier chapters, replying to lớn critiques & issuing quite a few challenges.
Can carry out an effective sầu fluent interview, departing spontaneously from prepared questions, following up and probing interesting replies.
Their replies khổng lồ a questionnaire will thus be elaborations và interpretations of their attitudes (previously subconscious attitudes), rather than sheer recollections.
One reason for this is that often the authors in their replies refer lớn what they have said in their main essays.
He concedes that some of these replies are helpful to lớn the free-will theist, though in the over he finds none of them satisfactory.
A total of 476 individuals (62%) replied, of whom 110 subjects had not taken part in the walks because they had merely requested information.
Ontologies facilitate communication by providing shared notions that can be used lớn formulate statements (queries, replies, etc.) about instances in the domain.
I believe this phối of replies would be cogent & substantial (though not necessarily persuasive) if the structural critique really did proceed as just described.
Các ý kiến của các ví dụ ko biểu đạt cách nhìn của những biên tập viên hoặc của University Press hay của những công ty cấp phép.

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a dance from the West Indies in which the dancer bends backwards to go under a low bar that is made lower each time he or she goes under it

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Delusions of grandeur: talking about people with a high opinion of themselves



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