Gta rp: the best servers and how to join them


It’s no secret that Grand Theft auto V is one of the most successful video games of all time, having first released way back on the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 in 2013. It has since leapt two console generations & is still going strong on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, & PC.

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A huge contributor to lớn its ongoing popularity and success is GTA Online. The idea of running amok in the sprawling bản đồ of San Andreas with your friends và doing some organized crime keeps bringing players back again and again, no matter how much we whine và moan about Rockstar milking the game.

Elevating the experience

What you may not have considered is that GTA Online has its limitations. Sure, you can get in gunfights with other players. Sure, you can pull off heists based on a scripted story. Yes, the NPC cops can bust you and send you packing khổng lồ the slammer, but what if you could take that experience khổng lồ a whole new level? What if you wrote your character’s own story & gained notoriety among other actual players, not just the NPCs that pat you on the back after a job well done? What if, after a failed heist, the cops that busted you were real players? What if it’s an actual person who throws you in the back of the car and puts you on trial for your crime, & you can get a buddy involved lớn represent you as your lawyer?

Enter the wide world of GTA Roleplay servers, where all of the above và much more is possible. These are fan-made projects which use Rockstar’s base assets, chơi game and geography from Grand Theft tự động V and build on them, even bringing in their own custom modifications. Many Australian-made servers, for example, remodel police vehicles, local restaurants, shops, và government agencies to lớn match their real-world equivalents. The limit is the developer’s imagination. Aussies will instantly recognize the cops cars below. Yes, those are in-game. 

Image via EggRP

With the Grand Theft tự động V map as your playground, you can live out your criminal fantasy on your terms và shape your own path. Theoretically, you could treat it lượt thích Second Life and be a law-abiding citizen, getting paid an honest wage by driving trucks around the map. But where’s the fun in that?

Regardless of the direction in which you want khổng lồ take your life in GTA Roleplay, the most well-maintained và best-moderated servers will be able to lớn accommodate you. 

How vày you get started?

Let’s quickly rip a bandaid off. If you’re on a console, you’re out of luck. GTA RP servers are only accessible on PC, as there is some light backend tinkering you need to bởi vì to get things up & running. 

To access reputable servers (which is the extent of this how-to), you will need khổng lồ own a legitimate copy of Grand Theft auto V. Steam tends to lớn be the launcher of preference, but in our own experience, we’ve run into little to no issues running the game from the Rockstar Launcher either. You’ll then want to download a piece of software called FiveM. It’s basic functionality for your purposes is as a browser to find a GTA RP server to lớn play on, or some other player-made multiplayer server. 

The developers of FiveM assure its users that it is a standalone application, which means it won’t interfere with your GTA Online account, but always install third-party applications at your own risk.

Pick a server, familiarize yourself with its rules

The server you choose is up lớn you. While some of the most popular North American servers include NoPixel, New Day RP, and Mafia City, these can be quite crowded và tricky to get into. We recommend filtering your FiveM by region và roleplay (see below), then picking one with a healthy (but not always full) population and doing a quick Google tìm kiếm of what lớn expect of the experience on the server.

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Image via FiveM

Once you’ve decided, your server’s FiveM page will outline other prerequisites required for you lớn connect. Generally speaking, any decent vps which takes its roleplay aspects seriously will ask you to lớn join their Discord hệ thống so you can be identified for a conversation with moderators should rule breaches or incidents need lớn be discussed.

Your chosen roleplay hệ thống will likely have a forum outlining its rules. They may differ from hệ thống to server, but most tend to mô tả these general guidelines:

Don’t initiate gunfights & kill people at random (often called random deathmatch, or RDM)Don’t run players off the road in vehicles intentionally (often called vehicle deathmatch, or VDM). If done on accident, act it out as such.Have voice chat enabled. It’s hardly a roleplay vps if people can’t hear you, và you’re not speaking.The “new life” rule: If you die, you’re a clean slate. That means no going out lớn seek revenge on the player that just murdered you, as your character technically has no recollection of those events. 

There will also usually be a glossary of terms for players to lớn get familiar with when referring to factors from outside of the trò chơi world.

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For instance, rather than asking players khổng lồ press their X keys, you would ask them to “flex their X muscles.” If your trò chơi crashes in the middle of a roleplay scenario, you would come back and inform those involved that “your head exploded,” & so on. 

Get out there & have fun!

Once you’re familiar with your vps rules, it’s time khổng lồ go live out your crime lord or honest xe taxi driver dream. If you’re unsure where khổng lồ start, don’t be shy—ask other players for help, and introduce yourself. A big selling point of a GTA RP server is learning the ins và outs of how to lớn get rich from others. 

Personally, I’d start with an honest job, which gets you involved with other players (something like a truck driver would not suit this). Get to know your co-workers và other players on the hệ thống more generally, và you’ll be surprised how quickly you start to lớn learn the details of the criminal underworld if you’re so inclined. Yes, you will run into trolls who will VDM và RDM you, but good servers khuyến mãi with trolls swiftly.

You may find yourself kidnapped, robbed, or forced khổng lồ work under threat of death. Learn from these mistakes, have fun with it, & find your crew. You’ll be robbing banks & negotiating with player-controlled cops for player-controlled hostages or manufacturing và selling drugs in no time. Go forth và let your imaginations run wild!