Spoiler là gì

a device on a oto or aircraft that is positioned so that it stops the air from flowing around the vehicle in a smooth way và so helps to lớn control it

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a newspaper article, television programme, etc. that is produced just before or at the same time as another similar one in order to lớn take attention away from it
information in a newspaper article, blog, etc. that tells you what happens in a television programme, which may spoil your enjoyment of it if you have sầu not already seen it:
In particular, an alternation of different materials and colors is a constituent of the comtháng graphics, plus the possible presence of typical optional parts such as spoilers.
In short, those sectors most likely khổng lồ benefit from và support peace negotiations gained neither economic nor political predominance, while hard-liners opposed to negotiations remained active và effective sầu spoilers.
The evidence suggests, however, that an increase in the màn chơi of the deposit would not influence those individuals who deliberately phối out to lớn use misleading descriptions as spoilers.
Fiberglass spoilers consist of fiberglass cloth infiltrated with a thermosetting resin, such as epoxy.
However, the aircraft lost its main hydraulic power, which operates the flaps, alternate brakes, & spoilers.
Cast members often read nhái lines with a different name in their audition lớn limit potential spoilers from leaking.
The wing tips carry winglets and there are outboard ailerons, two position flaps và upper surface spoilers.
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