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Captphụ vương pro megatypers serial. Do you have sầu what it takes to become a Ninja? Here is a game for you to demo your Ninja skills. How far can your buildings get you to? Hold your finger down on the screen khổng lồ extover the Ninja”s staff. The longer you hold your finger down the longer the Ninja”s staff becomes. You will need to lớn judge how long khổng lồ make the staff to get from one building on to the next. You will fall khổng lồ your death if the Ninja”s staff is too long or too short.

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Haông chồng Ninja School Online Cho Android

You will know the correct length of the Nin-Ja staff by the red dot on the next building. Don”t pay too much attention the buildings because you will also need lớn defeat enemies with your ninja stars. This game has simple touch controls but is addictive sầu & challenging. Test your skills NOW!!!!