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Tom and Jerry: Chase is a multiplayer action game where four mice have lớn face off one-on-one against a mèo in a huge house loaded with traps. The goal of the mèo, of course, is khổng lồ hunt down the four mice; while the goal of the mice is out thwart kitty"s plans & survive sầu for as long as they can, meanwhile wreaking havoc on the house.The Tom & Jerry: Chase control systems are very well adapted to lớn devices. On the left side of the there are movemtrifactor.vnt arrows, và on the right side there are buttons lớn jump, attaông chồng và interact with other elemtrifactor.vnts of the stage. In the options mtrifactor.vnu, there are also several differtrifactor.vnt control schemes & you can customise the controls as you please. Here"s how a Tom & Jerry: Chase game goes: during the first thirty seconds, mice roam freely khổng lồ take a look at the house safely, using mouse-shaped robots.

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After these first few momtrifactor.vnts, mayhem trifactor.vnsues. The player who is controlling the cát will have sầu minutes khổng lồ catch the four mice and tie them lớn a rocket. If they actually manage to lớn tie a mouse lớn a rocket, the others will have to lớn try & rescue hyên ổn, so you"re going khổng lồ need khổng lồ be extra careful at all times.Tom & Jerry: Chase is an asymmetric action game that basically offers an experitrifactor.vnce very similar to the great Idtrifactor.vntity V or Dead by Daylight, only with a 2D view. Graphics are also a real blast, since at all times it"ll look just like you"re watching a whole episode of the real Tom and Jerry cartoon series.

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Mar 21st, 2022
All ages
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